Bit of a Blur

Sunday and Monday. 

Distant memories.

Monday I decided to take (for the second time) a right after the climb up through Devol Road and head over to the Gryffe and up towards Loch Thom. I was delighted to see fish in at least one of the little burns en route.

Now, what I was equally delighted about was the recent laying down of blue-grey chips on Devol Road, smoothing it out incredibly; but still proving to be a tough climb.

(I was at the Golf Club when I’d realised I hadn’t enabled the MyTracks logger app.)

We really have had a Summer: the troughs of water that are scattered across the track remain empty – so enjoy while you can.

That was Monday.  And I had my ‘failed to deliver’ card in my backpack, uplifting a perfectly fitting Amazon rectangle to slip onto my back, the additional weight present but not incumbent along the busy A8.

Sunday.  I had planned Gryffe after cutting up onto the Port-Greenock back road, but fleeing down from the electricity sub-station I went left and across the B788 that is perpendicular to the Devol Road.  All dry.

I came home via Slaemuir; a lovely Port evening.  13.13k in 58m 26s.

Wednesday.  I’m forcing myself out for a late one tonight…

The bike really needs cleaned and oiled; I hope to get that done tomorrow.

Playlists?  Public Enemy, Ladytron, Baby Ford, The Jam… And ‘Catholic Answers Podcast’ – I’ve returned after 20+ years and, boy, have I a lot of questions.


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