External motivator?


I was out yesterday – first time in ages – and was running the Strava app; previously I was a MyTracks man.

Nexus 4 is just small enough to fit in my right hand waist pocket of my ‘camelback’.

On arriving home I noted that I was 3rd on the Devol Road segment of the route I had taken, for which I was awarded first place.  Now did the holder of ‘1st Place’ have the same punishing crawl up Barrs Brae as I did? No. But I am fired up now to best that guy’s time – and a big “thank you” to him.

Cold, dark night? Cannot be bothered? Work to do? Just look at your Strava routes and gaze upon your competition!

What a motivational tool!

Now I plan to return to all my old haunts and share the ‘singletrack love’.

However, is there a differentiation made depending on weather conditions, time of day (night ride versus a day ride), etc.

Probably not…


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