I Blame Strava

So, two weeks stretch out before me, cluttered with a variety of marking tasks, Masters work…and logging every existing route with Strava!

Today I set out to be ‘King of the Mountain’.  I was against a time of 13.35 over 2.4 km at a speed of 10.7km/h off-road: I made it in 10.46 at 13.5 km/h.

Four minutes into the climb I thought I had no chance, looking at my rarely used stopwatch feature on my cheap Casio. The first section is a killer and full of loose stone and when you eventually level out you’re calves and thighs are screaming at you when you reluctantly lift the front derailleur into the second sprocket for speed. 

The water had returned to the troughs and I had no choice but to zip through them, but aware of the hidden dangers (and that I was carrying only one spare inner tube as the last was killing my back, had been moved into the water bottle holder but had somehow jumped ship).  I didn’t like the forces that I was meeting in my front; on the dénouement of the route my watch showed ’10’ (I started it earlier than the time ascribed to the segment positioning) and I let out a shout.

Shortly after arriving at the end I paused Strava – praying that the data had been logging – in order to chat to a nice chap, ‘Dave’ from out near the IBM way.

The rest of the journey involved popping over to Killochries and then joining the cycle track at the Ploughmans in Kilmacolm.

Upon arrival at the garden fate the Nexus 4 delivered the cup icon as soon as I stopped the Strava app’s current logging activity: inside this little insignificant cup was the very special numeral ‘1’.

No champagne, just a nice cuppa and four sweeteners. And then on with some marking while the house was peaceful enough.


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