Wee Furries (Third Time Lucky)

Monday: GPS missed out completely a stretch/segment between Black O’ The Green and High Mathernock.

Tuesday: Casio reported 6.33; Strava, 7.10 or thereabouts.

Wednesday: clear blue sky, 2 apps running and WiFi disabled on my phone.

Result! 6.39.

Now, enough. My sojourns are turning into time-trials, albeit climbs… But fun has been relegated by an infatuation of being KOM (King of the Mountain) for one particular stretch of 1.9km.

Still, it felt good. I hadn’t had as good a climb as Tuesday, if truth be told: some early fatigue on the ‘diagonal drains’ (which I now almost know like the back of hands) and some poor gear selections. Still, ready to pour down into High Mathernock a quick check of the Casio told me I was in with a chance (despite what the phone apps were plotting in the right-hand side pocket of my backpack.

The sunshine was glorious as I crossed some virtual finish line, taking an unusual right down toward Penny’s Arch and back over the cycle path (you see? my distances are being curtailed).

So KOM of 3 beautiful stretches (2 of which are the Devol Road return journey).

My plan now is to map the gorgeous Hardridge-Clydemuirshiel loop.


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