2 Timothy Ch. 4

“I have fought the good fight to the end; I have run the race to the finish; I have kept the faith” (v. 7).

So says St Paul.  With the Biblical references being attributed to the oncoming storm to hit the U.K. – assigned ‘St Jude’ – I thought I would enter into the hyperbolic spirit, having just noticed today’s Second Reading from the Collins Roman Missal.

I wrote those previous paragraphs before my attempt on Garshangan – Dirt Track segment.

I sit in 6th position, a ‘new entry’ to a leader-board of 42. Not bad (and I do think that I can shave off some single-digit seconds and slip up into 3rd) but considering the weather – the wind, rain and the state of the track itself on the the more flat areas – I expected as much. And I was quite flabbergasted as to the amount of felling since my last sojourn up parallel to Gryffe Reservoirs Nos. 1 & 2: previously venturing into thick forest with only a newly-purchased ‘Magicshine’ front headlight and taught nerves on a Winter’s eve.

Even Numan’s leviathan sound that is ‘Splinter’ couldn’t summon the power that obviously propelled ‘Pinklady S’ on the 8th of September, but when it was obviously more clement.

It was hard going.

However, on the home stretch I was able to locate my old school (Notre Dame) and cycle the exact route that used to take on a daily basis; I was a few short steps from qualifying for a bus pass, and memory suggests that it always rained; and then I had to undertake a paper round.  Of course, Strava does not log the instances or location of school bullies, homework,  ‘sketchy’ housing schemes, girls to be avoided; nor does it shower its athletes with bonuses for successfully truanting and award KOMs and other achievements for coping with – and perhaps succeeding against – these latter-day obstacles.

Zenyatta Mondata (often underrated, I always thought) was an obvious soundtrack to ‘bring it all back’, so to speak.

And it did!

Keep the Faith.


2 responses to “2 Timothy Ch. 4

  1. You sit in 6th, I sit in 42nd place holding up the table. Keep up the good work…

  2. I was just delighted to be out even though the weather was quite stormy!

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