And (almost) all the Trimmings

After enjoying the penultimate Sunday of Ordinary Time (already?!) we popped into the Cardwell Garden Centre to sample some of the approaching Christmas spirit…

We had come JUST as one of the past members of The Singing Kettle was finishing his children’s performance; my wife and I were soon delighted with our second ‘turkey nosh’ of the season – and it was lovely, followed by an oversized gingerbread shaped biscuit and a very sweet hot chocolate.

By this time the calories were demanding work and I gratefully acquiesced.

I had a ‘crown’ to reclaim.

I headed up the Dougliehill Road and up past Harelaw; it was foggy and drizzly. I constantly wiped and removed then replaced my glasses. 

Along Auchentiber Road I decided to go glassless (;-)

I pulled into High Mathernock and made – I felt – very good progress despite the gritty eyes. Visibility was low but I could just spot the holes in time. Reaching the climb there was a hiccuping down into the low gears but I pedalled quickly in the hope of reestablishing a good rhythm.

Plateauing, the pull along to the Wee Furries wasn’t as sodden as I expected – the newly-pumped tyres held well, and I body swerved thorns and trailing bush.

So, Wee Furries.  I harnessed some speed but I was repeatedly pulling on the only brake that worked (the front) and sidling into the right of the track verge to avoid the brick drainage slats.

My Casio revealed 5:xx as I tried to build the last push…6:xx and I relaxed into a pedal down the B788 to Balrossie, Knockbuckle Road and then the cycle path.

The drizzle continued. But I was relatively toasty; my feet were perfectly dry – always a plus!

Bathed in WiFi my Nexus 4 had a short chat with Strava shortly before a ‘cup’ appeared in my notification bar.

‘Wee Curries King of the Mountains’.

Ps Upon leaving Cardwell I only then noticed a large silver serving dish of cranberry sauce (-;)


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