The Night Before Christmas

Safely avoiding the sleet, I sit with a cuppa in hand and onesie, whilst wife and son deliver presents to our wonderful neighbours.  I ‘braved’ a short dip into Christmas Commercial (adopt French accent) to secure last minute items – Rudolph’s carrot, etc, and was out on the bike just before 12 on what can only be described as a windy day (litotes employed for effect).

The greed and theatre with which the public undertake ‘Christmas Shopping’ is truly in opposition with the original message, but contemporaneously misses the point completely even from a secular perspective: millions rely on food banks; people – especially the elderly – struggle with increasing fuel bills; common wages are in fractional amounts to that of the wealthy and privileged of our society.  The list is endless.

I digress.

And it was fantastic! Not too many dog walkers and pedestrians enjoying the same.  Front tyre delightfully pumped to Lidl Foot Pump ‘4’ after I secured 2x Continental inner tubes with 40mm valves – just enough for the pump to bite into. Tesco tubes are useless BUT I have since discovered a ‘bend’ valve extension attachment still does not provide the necessary length for the footpump.  So, I’m on the hunt for an extension valve with 40mm at least protrubence.

Unsurprisingly Strava didn’t even deliver a single commendation: at one point I was blown off the cycle path on the open stretch just before ‘Penny’s Arch’ so I am glad I survived.

I took some video footage of ‘Furries’ and Devol Road – YouTube links will appear shortly.

All set for St John’s Christmas Vigil at 6 pm, and then track Santa until the wee fella falls asleep.

Ho, ho, ho!


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