Bless me Father for I have Sinned..

…it has been many, manyweeks since my last bike cleaning exercise.

Yes, guilt-ridden after a fellow Strava user (thanks, Bob) had noted the intention towards his own machine, I brought my own two-wheeled servant into the ‘cleaning area’, hitched up the hose and – after a lathering – applied the much-needed degreaser.

I then loving spent a full can of WD-40 and half a bottle of ‘Muc Off’ on her; the chain was also fed, quickly gobbling up the remnants of chain oil from the aforementioned malapropismised (?) company.

Not exactly interested in aesthetics – having her gleaming – I am hopeful that she has a Ready-Break-esque shield against this bitter weather. (Note to self: check & adjust brakes).

Wife is not impressed with my almost daily desire to cycle – and, admittedly, the marking pile must now seriously be attacked, never mind the Masters Lesson Planning completion and checking… (this job is not just about holidays).

I am hoping to head out tonight… But if I can scrape myself out of bed at 6am tomorrow morning, then that would be preferred: I’m not a morning person!


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