Hail and a Right Foot Dip

I cannot believe that I managed to secure a 3.20 on Wee Furries Climb-A this afternoon, tyres set to ‘hard’ and the hail didn’t help.

So, I now hold 1st, 2nd and 3rd – 2.57, 2.59 & 3.20. Thanks, Strava!


There was much water coming down from the hills when I was struggling along the 75 Path; when I bottomed out I saw some of the sources:


These examples are from Knockbuckle Bridge, the water swollen and finding its way into the fields. (Today’s homily and Gospel spoke about “fishers of men” – I hope our local trout population is OK).

A lovely day – no, really. 90 minutes of fresh air and lots of water. And the soaking at least didn’t begin until the return 9K.

The thought of returning to a steaming plate of roast helped, too.

February is almost here, and come May I will have been enjoying such routes for THREE years!


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