Drizzle. Drizzle. Drizzle.

Yet, I did attempt to beat my current No. 1 placing on Wee Curries Climb-A.  And I almost did, securing second place; my pedal clipping one of the drainage stones slightly unsettling me – the last thing I wanted today was any obstacle to getting home on time.

I stopped to take some snaps of an area shrouded in mist. It is still a beautiful part of the world even though it is currently trying to emerge from a very wet winter!

No other cyclists, just one or two walkers (fair play to them).

My Specialized rain jacket needs replaced: a wet right forearm was testament to this. My brakes annoyed me too. However, MP3s and fresh air were enough on what wasn’t the fastest ride ever.  Energy levels were sapped.

Still, it was a delight – and I was looking forward to it even more upon each ‘bite’ of my Costco hotdog earlier this morning.

I didn’t fancy Devol Road. I’ve had more than enough soakings on what is an excellent technical climb, especially on the reverse from Auchentiber Road.

Will this rain ever stop? Ah, well as long as the teabags and freshly drawn water are in full supply.

Back to some Masters work, a St Joseph novena later – and a surprising read: The Daughter Of Time http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/009953682X/ref=cm_sw_r_an_am_at_ws_gb?ie=UTF8

Too many gaps between rides – I must get out more!  And still loving Strava, both as an external motivator and personal training tool, in addition to providing an excellent network of fellow cyclists.


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