Lent Approaches


The New Eve.  A beautiful statue of one our dearest members of The Communion of Saints, snapped this morning at St Laurence’s, Greenock. No, we do not venerate such statues – false idols – but we acknowledge their powers of intercession. Only recently I learned of Our Lady’s symbolic symmetric function: in contrast to Eve whom Satan defeated, Christ’s Mother crushed the serpent in ‘Revelation’.


Saturday evenings are now very special: Saturday Evening Devotion to Our Lady. I’m also at Week 4 of my St Joseph Devotions, having recently submitted a commission for a special chaplet for this devotion.

Lent. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

I plan to have one modest meal per day; use the Way of the Cross in prayer at lunchtimes instead of lunch; and any funds will be directed at the St Vincent de Paul.

Bike? Higher Prelim Marking! (A puncture, too). I changed inner tubes today… And today was beautiful, but a lovely Italian lunch prevented even the thought of going on the bike.

I’m certainly welcoming the additional light in the evenings, but tonight I plan to spend some time recording annotations from several reviewed journals, and recording in Scrivener – but I would prefer having an app version.


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