Lent 2014: Day 1

It continues to rain… However, our thoughts must be with those poor souls involved in the terrible air tragedy in the Far East.

In fact, all around us we have aggression, poverty and death; it is pumped to us 24/7 by our indefatigable news outlets.  And people – families – are continuing to find it difficult to feed themselves: in the UK.

For me?  This Lent it’s dinner money into the SCIAF box and ‘The Way of the Cross’ instead: to pray, give alms and fast.

Tonight, after what has been a weekend drenched with work and study, I will head out into the fading light and perhaps hook into a ‘Catholic Answers’ podcast, Stations of the Cross and today’s Rosary: the first three Joyful Mysteries.  And think of others and how unbelievably privileged I am.

How unbelievably rich most of us are.

The countryside, even at night, offers calm; the ambience is the whispers of a land settling down for slumber. 

The bike, which I’ve decided to ‘Christen’ as ‘Raphael’ in homage to the archangel from Tobit and escort his son, Tobias needs some overdue care and attention – perhaps next week!

Upon my return, late evening marking and planning awaits.  Still, how rich…


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