I think that the force of the wind kept me from thinking of a title for this blog posting; perhaps one will ‘birth’ as I type.

What a weekend!  This evening the relished additional light was marredby the horrendous wind and the quagmire that Devol Road has become.

My privilege it was to meet with the Paisley Diocese Bishop elect yesterday morning in a quiet St Laurence’s, Greenock.  Only after he had warmly greeted my son and I before slipping into his ‘half’ of the confessional was I informed by one of the laity (a neighbour of my mother’s) of his identity!  However, and securing the courage to brave my second ever face-to-face confession, he was an absolute … saint.  Warm, urbane, and genuinely interested.


I hope that his installation on Wednesday goes as smoothly for him as our discourse.

Marking. Marking. And more marking, with a smattering of university planning, reading and reflection meant that I just had to get out. But two weeks out of the saddle and you definitely know about it.  I had planed – as can be spotted from my Strava ‘trail’ – to head up to Wee Furries Descent and reclaim my KOM…but the wind was appalling.  Two weeks out of the saddle, yes I know I was pushing it to even attempt it, but as soon as I rolled off the ’75’ i realised I should have kept it simple and headed into Kilmacolm.

And Devol Road? 21 minutes! OK, I was off a few times, sinking into the mud in between taking snaps…But it is almost as bad as it was when it had the roughs of standing water.

The only positive facet of the forthcoming ‘putting forward of clocks’ is the extension of light…

And whilst today’s Gospel was concerned with The Transfiguration, maybe the motif of light is as good a title as any for this blog post.  If I reflect upon my spiritual life this time last year, I would say that current events would blind that darkness of old.  Have I been ‘transfigured’?   I certainly ‘burned’ whilst speaking with the Bishop-elect. Being a Catholic (again?) is more than a Sunday thing: it has become every moment of my being. 

OK. Title – Transfigured. Now, still some time to type up a close reading passage about Mars for my wee S2 pupils, read some of Scottish Catholic Observer, then enjoy the 600th show of No Agenda.


P.S. And here is a picture of my St Joseph chaplet, which arrived recently from the U.S.; I finished the Seven Sunday Novena today.   I like the contrast it creates with the harsh Scottish mineral.


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