A Week of Objects

Tonight I was installed as a member of the Knights of St Columba.


I was very nervous: the event occurred between the parish priest’s homily and the Preface to the Eucharist, and we had the faithful as audience.

In addition to the medal and ribbon, I also received a crucifix, which was blessed by the priest and presented to me; I crushed it into my palm to remind me of the important weeks ahead as Lent heads towards Holy Week and ultimately Easter.


I reminded myself of the incredible journey I have been on this year: this time last year I would not have been attending Sunday mass let alone looking at the Daily Readings, praying the Glorious Mystery (1-3) and reading the Way of the Cross!


Last Sunday marked the end of the year for the current donations box; and my ‘Wee Box’ has been suitably bloated.


Other objects for the weeks ahead a full bag of S2 jotters and folios to mark; I also have the laptop home from school: a dissertation needs to be written.

But there will also be time for some bike and mud. And plenty of cuppas, of course.


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