I am writing on the day that marks Week 15 of my wife’s pregnancy, and we are hoping and praying for a beautiful outcome – and for others in a similar situation around the world. 
The proud father, my son took delivery of a ‘Trax’ bike and has already clocked 5+KM under Strava.  He loves it – and having had the Xbox removed in response to some 6 year-old tantrums – just as well!

Three rides on Sunday with the boy; a not too shabby 16 KM myself later that evening.

And it really is a “green and pleasant land” out there.

My wife bought me a nice and thick ‘Singletrack’. I stumbled upon an article concerning ‘Strathpuffer’ and had the audacity to think about raising an Inverclyde Team.  (A 12-hour Clydemuirshiel Loop could be an alternative – for charity, of course).   
We all need goals.

I enjoyed a ‘Guardian’ – the first in months; but 15000 words remain to be written and I haven’t finished viewing all video clips (there’s audio files too).

And I have an interview on Friday morning.

Interesting times!


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