Toffee Crisp


So, after realising that I’d forgotten to enable Strava and had just failed insertion of a substantial change to the ‘Lava Balls’ downhill segment, I was joined by a fellow cyclist undertaking his daily commute home; he works in one of the factories on the Devol estate.


Bathed in a golden light, the air filled with midge and other airborne insects, we discussed the obvious benefits to such a mode of transport.

I can only dream of having such a commute!

The road up to Balrossie was closed off, and Devol Road now had a substantial soft carpeting of ‘road’.  Although it was a nightmare trying to gain purchase on the entrance to this climb from Auchentiber Road!


Toffee Crisp is how I’d define the consistency.


Next time: Strava – ON.


One response to “Toffee Crisp

  1. What a shame. The green road was a fun, if mucky, part of my local rides when I lived in the Port.

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