Iceage & Lava Balls


Playlists. Playlists. Playlists.

Tonight it was grey and drizzle. Who? Radiohead: The Bends & OK computer.


However, wishing to make some PRs, I opted for the young Danes, Iceage. ‘Burning Hand’ accompanied the descent on the Lava Balls segment. ‘In Haze’ is a lovely navel-gazing tune featuring some nice guitar licks, and it played out my last leg: zipping along the Cycle Path 75. In Haze


Cuppa? Nope!  Tap water x 2.  I’m also donating my Lucozade to a neighbour: I need to shake the few extra pounds I can feel; my caffeine intake must be reduced.

Some laptop work then bed – oh, after the ‘Saturday Devotion to Mary’ of course.  (;-)

Keep the Faith.


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