Mountain Bike Rider Collides with Small Dog

This *could* have been the headline in the local press.  Why, oh why do the public think that it is acceptable to allow dogs of the leash the moment they leave their schemes? (I’m from ‘the schemes’, so don’t start!)

The last bend on ‘Lava Balls’ presented me with two adults, child and two wayward dogs – and I was hurtling down – so I mounted the grassy edge to my right and hoped that there would be no canine contact…

‘Devol Road (Reverse)’ felt good even on the initial climb up; the ground has been modified and was a bit firmer – gone are the rocks and troughs, and in its place is a ‘Chelsea-Whopper’-esque colour/texture.  And it was then that I felt that I should aim for bettering my KOM (the list of which declines daily).

I had popped over to my mother’s to drop off the latest ‘Lost Fleet’ for my nephew (ah, to share the excitement of a newly released book!) The Kilmacolm Road ascent – an old favourite – wasn’t as bad as I thought, and perhaps I was benefitting from the quick cuppa and two multi grain crackers and chat.

I’ve been searching the web for 12-hour biking hints and I really don’t comprehend physically or mentally what’s required. 

I’m receiving a ‘Mary’s Meals’ T-shirt soon for the ‘event’ and I did search for a USB dynamo…

It seems so long away.


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