…but the flesh was weak!


A beautiful dusk into which I headed last night at 9.30 pm. Yes – pm. And it was so light.

Just as well: because I had about 1 minute of juice in the magicshine and only decided to put it on as a warning to anyone feeling their way up the opening section to Devol Road as I made a decent attempt to wrench ‘Lava Balls’ from a fellow cyclist.

Having spent some time in lovely (wet, windy and cold)

Dornoch I returned and found last night difficult – uphill, flat, downhill – but had to be done.

Redrafting finished (for now)

I was intent on enjoying a holiday that had much family time (although boy has booked himself into a four week play scheme), non-academic reading, and, of course, the bike. (Although I have made an expression of interest towards an EdD course).

Before the dusk run I decided to take less of a risk on a Tesco 10 quid tyre rather than use the current front one which had succumbed to the stinging wrath of a mere thorn (must have been the Atop the Clyde Ascent). And it fared very well, easily secured to another wheel that – god rest their souls, Aerobikes had balanced way back.


Brake adjustment still confounds me – another YouTube tutorial I think. But apart from that niggle it was a gorgeous evening, lovely ambient sounds intermingled with The Rosary, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer; lovely aromas from the hedgerows too; excellent visibility…

I am still planning on the 12-hour on the 29th and would welcome company. I hope to Strava – there’s a verb for you – the intended route this or next week: my expectant wife has been so patient and accommodating in the academic aspects, so I’d hate to ‘push my luck’ by disappearing for 4 or 5 hours.



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