The Foot (Reverse)


Dropped off by family and did consider Muirsheil.  However I felt that it was time to visit an old friend… ā€” The Foot (Reverse)

Despite the recent interruption to what was a glorious week with some heavy showers, and once I had passed Dippany Farm and scaled the gate, the ground of this singletrack was dry and there were none of the continuous rivulets running towards me; only then do you see the extent of the rocks strewn upon this short diversion from the B788. 


And, surprised by how close the white house appeared, I was – as usual – unprepared for the holes hidden amongst the marsh area. In the space of a few seconds my front wheel fell into their clutches and I was deposited amongst the grass…

Still, I crossed the stone bridge that spans the Green Water, meandered up the very steep climb – a maximum of 14.5% gradient. The front tyre managed to cope with the constant manoeuvring require to avoid the boulders and I was thankful that the bottom gate was open.

The descent down to rejoin the B788 was pleasant enough, and soon I was home via the electricity substation and the cycle path.

Home before the family, I set about enjoying the afternoon sunshine and finishing the planning of the Misty Law section of Inverslog.






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