In Threes?


‘Cashback’ was selected but the actual cash was not uplifted by yours sincerely from the automated checkout in Morrisons. I remembered this near the end of a tough cycle. I phoned…but the dispensed notes had not been handed in.

I had driven up to the mother-in-law’s to make use of her drive, giving myself some chance on Devol Road and the target segment, ‘The Foot (reverse)’.  Later, readying myself to take the boy swimming, I realised that I had returned home…on the bike! (:-)

The third?  A missing segment – the message from Strava:

Partial Match Segment Details
The Foot (Reverse)
Why it Did Not Match
Your Activity seems to have taken the wrong direction or path near the start of the Segment

Supposedly to do with the graphical representation of this part of the ride; just an alternative struggle across the ferns at the lower end of the ‘C’ pictured below.


The light wind-breaker jacket was on and, boy, was I sweating as I struggled up ‘Wee Furries’.  My face was burning.  (How am I going to fare riding for 8 hours across 100 km of winter landscape?)

Devol Road. The Foot. Wee Furries. Devol Road. Short distances but heavy going.

A great splash about with son made me realise that such trifles are nothing in the grand scheme of things: spending time with the family being the most important pursuit!

Week 27 beckons on Tuesday and my wife is really struggling with the heat and the added incumbency that is asthma.  With no academic distractions I’m on full domestic duties, and granted they are not very long, I managed to paint the front and rear fences.

Let’s pray that the rain departs as quickly as it arrived; we are enjoying as Summer for a change – and don’t the Games look just magnificent bathed in the golden Glasgow glow?


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