August already!?

Evening Ride

And the Glasgow Games have come and are just going. (No Games Records from yours truly!)

I watched some of the gruelling Men’s Time trial today, one eye on the TV and one on the torrential rain outside – poor road bike user coursing through Glasgow.

I ventured out for a stretch of the legs (promising my 6-months pregnant wife that I’d be back for the closing ceremony) and I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of water; Devol Road was a bit soft, but that was expected.

A half moon – our closest significant other of the heavens – was captured in a snap sent to my father-in-law who was hosting my son and his cousin overnight in Rothesay.

The light is beginning to fade. The energy is improving, but I need to shake half a stone of ‘summer living’.

I’m starting to think about Inverslog: scouting routes, playlist for the downhills (The Ramones) and the uphill (The Rosary).

Regrets? Yeah. Deciding against picking up an old ‘Mylo’ CD from Poundland today at The Phoenix retail park: we were baby clothes shopping!

And a big Thank You to Strava and adjusting a GPS drift on ‘The Foot’ segment (I need all the help I can get these days).


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