And so it begins…











Check out my 23.0 km Ride on Strava:

A glorious night, duck egg blue sky. Duck egg blue? My fingers, arms and even my legs have specks and smears from the emulsioning effort that began at 10.15 this morning and ended at 4pm today.

I headed out circa 5.15 and was very pleased to have reached Killochries by 5.56! But any time made was to be impeded by the wind that always meets one coming away from South Newton and heading up towards Gateside Farm.

‘The Pleasure Principal’, according to Facebook posting from Gary Numan, was released 35 years ago to the day so I decided to have an uninterrupted play of this fantastic album. ‘Engineers’, the final track, played out as I reached Pomillan – the furthest point out.

I have been neglecting my WordPress duties of late. And one of the main reasons has been my ‘toe-dipping’ of Facebook to organise a football match between my old ‘scheme’ and the other one across the back  (and as I type I cannot praise highly enough this Anker Wireless keyboard!) It may not transpire for a number of reasons…

I was also heavily committed to arranging the recent mini-book festival in Dunooon, ‘Creative Words in Cowal’.  It was successful, featuring  Alan Bisset, Debi Gliori, Scoular Anderson and Jonathan Meres. And for the adults we had Gordon Brown and Alex Gray attend the Burgh Hall ‘Evening of Crime’ event.  I am already pulling together a ‘to do’ list for next year’s event.

My wife is due in seven weeks’ time this coming Tuesday (I type with fingers still caked in paint and emulsion) and I am awaiting confirmation of a job interview, which I hope to secure because of the specialist nature and  professional development it would provide.

So, ‘Inverslog’. 

The remnants of a strained neck muscle continues to make its presence felt – and this was as a result of a flat cycle to an In-service event at work last week, oh the  indignity of it all.

I hadn’t been out since nor have I pampered my bike.  50 quid sits in the ‘JustGiving’ pot – and many thanks to the contributors – and I’ve done the prevarication that is construct a training plan Excel spreadsheet, etc., etc.

Tonight I headee out with a view to: recording distance, ‘suffer score’,max elevation, max/avg heart rate and weight.  I am aiming for the 10.10 – so a slide really required from current 11.5.

A 17-week training plan awaits.  One small step…


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