Arrival(s); departure(s)

My daughter, Penny was born at 5.45 pm on the 28th October 2014. And God Bless my Aunt Susan who died at 11 pm the following Friday…


The Hardrock has been in Halfords for over two weeks now: I received a litany of repairs amounting to 159 GPB – and I only took it in for replacement brake cables!


So, reader, today I ordered the Specialized Rockhopper 2014 Comp from Evans. Princely sum? 650 GBP.  I did save 200 GBP on RRP and my wonderful wife allowed me to ‘cash in’ 40 GBP of Club card points (which doubled). So 650-80.

‘Please Allow 10 Days’ did have may consider the non-Comp version in order that I continue training; I also considered shelving the purchase of the new bike, opting for quick repairs to a bike I have known and loved for over three years (amazing how you become attached, and have that ‘six sense’ with the bike). But it’s time for some hydraulic disc brakes, and a better spec of gears will be an investment.

I’m still planning on the 100K, but it’s looking awfully tight: 4 – 6 weeks of training. And I still need to reccy ‘Misty Law’ and the ‘Inverkip Loop’.


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