Three Cog Crawl






Not since 14th of October had I been out – and it did feel like it.

I ventured out with only the lowest front cog and the three highest cogs on the rear cassette operational. I had more luck than I thought: such ratios are acceptable for uphill work, but for the flats and downhill? Useless.

Still, I was out. And that’s what mattered.

Plenty of mud and HGV tyre tracks on the climb and ‘levelling off’ on Devol Road.

‘Atop the Clyde’ appealed to me: the ’75’ path would be slow; I figured much of the foliage had withered. It had.

The ride down was quite exhilarating – not as spiritedly as the two dear which leapt across the sloping grass to my left – and I noted at least two little waterfalls.

The newly-fitted brakes coped exceptionally well with the drop prior to the levelling out running parallel to and above the cycle path.

The usual tangle at the bottom had receded and I slipped and skidded down to the gate leading onto ’75’.

Four layers and a balaclava were very much needed.

I missed these rides. Not long until the new wheels arrive and get a chance to cavort in the mud.


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