First Mud

Wednesday night I had a delicious first ride on my Trek (note to self: I need a new bike name for my entry Strava).

First thoughts? Nice fat and wide tyres; ‘quickfire’ gear shifters; hydraulic brakes were responsive – but not as I expected, which was to halt instantly.

Was she lighter? Hard to tell, plus I am unfit. I was sweating like a pig, crawling up Barr’s Brae and wondering how I’ll ever cope with Inverslog. Still, on the flat the bike seems somewhat faster.

I made a better effort up Devol Road than I did last week, gripping well, headset very manoeuvrable and responsive.  It was a bit drier too.

Eventually, framed against the darkness, stood the newly-assembled turbine, turning stoically and slowly.

Coming back over the B788 I joined the Auchenfoyle Road and it was quite a nippy little wiggle to the electricity substation.

Down on past the reservoirs, and then a not too terrible toll along the cycle path.


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