14 Nights B&B

It has been some time since I have posted.


I am planning on having a climb every evening (the wife is ill – asthma – and the children are just too enjoyable), and if you actually think about it…we are exceptionally lucky for what we have around us: decent B roads; many little trails. And pretty decent scenery.

Two weeks of climbing, road work – and keeping the fat at bay: I’m shocking when away from work, the amount of tea I drink matched only by the slices of bread and butter and popping toast.

The Trek needs a service, which will hopefully coincide with the purchase of a decent mountain bike for my 8 year-old son who – despite being an avid reader – is more than happy to sit in front of his X-box.

So, routes? Just happy to be out. But I will make an attempt across the Clydemuirshiel Moor.

Free time? I have a full bag of marking, and (at twenty minutes apiece) the two Higher Classes’ folios are a weighty 76 scripts. It’s not a complete holiday (;-0

Plus there is the preparation for two presentations of my work – one in Finland and one in Malta – and I am still plodding away in the hope that the professional doctorate (EdD) at Glasgow is funded by my employer.

Oh, the stress. Only one way to relieve that. Lucozade Sport.

And bike!


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