Finally managed to track down a reasonably priced copy…

I’m hoping to build a Corpus of MCC-related pupil texts through the BGE; I have one year, and if I can trace S1s that were reassigned midway (chronic staffing issues) I’m in a good position…


16.3K Remaining

Almost at my 60K goal – probably for the first time ever.

Today was glorious and I was back in time to collect the boys from footie and the Penny from nursery (The Cottage provided tea, coffee, juice and some cakes prior to picking up the wee one – and the boys helped me lift the dishes to the counter on exit).

14 Nights B&B

It has been some time since I have posted.


I am planning on having a climb every evening (the wife is ill – asthma – and the children are just too enjoyable), and if you actually think about it…we are exceptionally lucky for what we have around us: decent B roads; many little trails. And pretty decent scenery.

Two weeks of climbing, road work – and keeping the fat at bay: I’m shocking when away from work, the amount of tea I drink matched only by the slices of bread and butter and popping toast.

The Trek needs a service, which will hopefully coincide with the purchase of a decent mountain bike for my 8 year-old son who – despite being an avid reader – is more than happy to sit in front of his X-box.

So, routes? Just happy to be out. But I will make an attempt across the Clydemuirshiel Moor.

Free time? I have a full bag of marking, and (at twenty minutes apiece) the two Higher Classes’ folios are a weighty 76 scripts. It’s not a complete holiday (;-0

Plus there is the preparation for two presentations of my work – one in Finland and one in Malta – and I am still plodding away in the hope that the professional doctorate (EdD) at Glasgow is funded by my employer.

Oh, the stress. Only one way to relieve that. Lucozade Sport.

And bike!


I’m averaging one ride a week, so keeping to┬áthe roads is helping me maintain +20K.

However, been ill since Friday (suspect takeaway from the ironically named ‘Superchef’) and during last night the ‘bug’ reappeared for all the family!

The joys!

2015 – Reflections

Hard to believe that a year ago today it was Inverslog. Oh, how unfit I have become/feel since then.

Still, can’t be helped if you’ve been under the cloud if sleep deprivation and an academic deadline!

2016? To get out more.


Distance 708.1 km
Time 48h 24m
Elev Gain 10,797 m
Rides 42

Hardly record-breaking…

Happy New Year!

A huge ‘thank you’ for the broken glass

I was luckier than I thought: this not too insignificant chunk was picked out from my tyre and must have stowed itself aboard earlier during my journey on the ‘well !maintained’ 75 cycle path.


Something needs to be done about preventing the litter/debris and then maintaining what is a necessary artery of the Sustrans network.
This is not simply somewhere people can allow their ‘Staffies’ off the leash, nor somewhere young (and old) can discard empty glass bottles.

Wildlife, cyclists and the general public must be protected against such disregard for nature and common decency.

23.6K – hardly worth it! (2nd attempt)

(I really should learn not to trust WordPress’ draft facility – if it at all exists on Android.)

Last night I decided (wrongly) to head up Dippany Farm way and climb to the cottage just below Cairncurran Hill. I found myself facing over pressurised tyres, horrendous mud tracks left by a farm appliance(s), and cows think I was herding them – I was seriously concerned when they were corralled against a gate I needed access to for the final climb.


Still, a lovely night to be out. My ‘outs’ have been infrequent – and I’m feeling it – but I shall persist.


I’ve created two new segments between Auchenbothie Road and Strathgryffe: the ‘Public Path signpost’ had been too tempting,

Playlists? I’ve been enjoying ‘Culture’ series Book One: ‘Consider Phelbas’ by Ian M Banks.

It is Good to be Back!








Farewell to a Trusty Friend


Today she was dismantled and sent to her final resting place.

So many glorious dark and wet nights; so many moors, hills, single tracks.


Last night was my first foray since 19th January.

And it was good.

I had been out earlier with Penny, pushing her along the cycle path on what was a glorious day; a day to remember: her first solids – rice!

A reasonable 20K on dry, flat ground (I stayed away from climbs and tracks). I certainly benefitted from the stone of weight that I’ve been able to keep off since Christmas: 10st 10lbs is the fighting weight I aim to maintain.

The climb up with Penny was not insignificant; the 730 ride up wasn’t too shabby. Orion stood resplendent and permanent throughout, and even a crescent moon and Venus managed to beat the cloud in the west.

The shoulder gave no signs of pain; the legs however did show some signs of strain. I had enough SIS isotopic in two water bobbles.

Auchenfoyle proved the only real challenge, but since having the rear derailleur adjusted I enjoyed the relief the top two cogs offered.

So, when is my next outing?